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Welcome to the YELLOW VEDA HERBALS website, www.yvhherbals.com. YELLOW VEDA HERBALS provides the content and services available on the Website to you subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Website. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use our Website.


Please review our Privacy Policy which also governs your visit to the Website, for details about what information we collect and how we use it. This policy explains how we treat your personal information, and how we protect your privacy when you use the Service. You agree to the use of your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy
The Privacy policy tells you how YELLOW VEDA HERBALS collects, use, share & protects information obtained from and about our customers (“you”). It also tells you how you can access and update your information and make certain choices about how your information is used. This Policy covers both our online and offline data collection, activities, including information that we collect through our various websites and applications, as well as our offline programs and events. activities, including information that we collect through our various websites and applications, as well as our offline programs and events.
By using a YELLOW VEDA HERBALS website or by otherwise giving us your information, you agree to the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, you must not use our websites or applications or give us any of your information.We reserve the right to make changes to our practices and this Policy at any time, provided that we follow the procedures above.

How do we collect information from you
This Privacy Policy applies to information that we, YELLOW VEDA HERBALS, collect from or about our customers through the methods described below. We may combine information collected via one method (e.g., a YELLOW VEDA HERBALS website) with information collected via another method (e.g., by phone, whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter etc). We do this to get a more complete view of our customers, which, in turn, allows us to serve you better and with more personalization. Also note that not all of the methods listed below may be relevant to you.

YELLOW VEDA HERBALS Website and Application
We may collect information from you through our websites or applications. This could include (a) any site that we own and control under our own domain, or (b) any site or web application that we may develop and run on a third party social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This could also include any site or application that we specifically design for use on a cell phone or other mobile device, such as a mobile-enabled site or mobile application (e.g., iPad/iPhone/Android app). This Policy will only apply if it is posted or linked to on the website or application which you are using.

YELLOW VEDA HERBALS Text Messaging Programmes
We may collect information from you through one of our inbound text messaging programs. For example, periodically we may allow customers to send us inbound text messages using a short code that we create and advertise in connection with a special offer or promotion. These programs might be advertised in one of our store boutiques or on one of our websites or applications. If you choose to participate in one of these programs, information about your physical geo-location may be collected and used for marketing purposes. This Policy will only apply if the YELLOW VEDA HERBALS text messaging program indicates it applies or refers you to our website to view the relevant privacy policy.

Call Center orders
We may collect information from you through our call centers, for example if you place an order over the phone or via fax or postal mail to our customer service department. These methods of ordering are available in India and Abroad. Our call centers may also collect information from you to respond to your question or comment or other follow-up request.

Email Correspondence
We may collect information from you if you correspond with us via email. For example, if you send an email to our customer service department, we may obtain certain information about you (such as your contact email address) and use it to follow up.

Data Collection From other sources
Occasionally, we may obtain information about you from other sources. For example, we may hire a third party data aggregator or vendor to provide us additional information about our existing customers (this is known as “data appending”), including information from your profile or postings on a third party social network. We may also receive information from third party co-sponsors who we may partner with occasionally to run special promotions or giveaways. We may also receive information about customers in the event we acquire other companies. We may also receive information from other methods that are not inconsistent with this Policy.

What Information Do We Collect From You
Depending on how you interact with YELLOW VEDA HERBALS (online, in-store, over the phone, email, social platforms etc.), we may collect from you various types of information, which are described in more detail below. In some instances (and unless we say otherwise below), we may combine one type of information with another type of information, and store them together in our records. In all cases, however, we strive to limit the amount of information we collect and store to that which is necessary to provide you the relevant services.

Personal contact information
This includes any information that would allow us to personally contact you, such as your name, home or mailing address, phone number, or email address. In some cases, this could include information that you give us about someone else (for example, if you ask us to ship a YELLOW VEDA HERBALS product to a friend). We typically collect personal contact information in connection with a variety of activities, including account registration, product orders, customer service, contests and promotions, and customer feedback. If you create an account with us, some of your personal contact information may be stored under your account profile.

Customer feedback or review
This includes information that you voluntarily share with us about your experience in using our products or services, websites and applications, and store boutiques. Examples may include comments and suggestions, testimonials, or other feedback you send us about what you may have liked (or disliked) about your experience in using our products or services. We typically collect this information in the form of customer surveys, feedback forms, and email correspondence

Customer Generated Content
This refers to any content that you create and then share with us (and perhaps others) by uploading it to one of our websites or applications, such as our Facebook fan pages or applications. Examples may include photos, videos, personal stories, or other similar media or content. We mostly collect customer-generated content in connection with contests and promotions, website community features, customer engagement, and third party social networking.

Social network information
This refers to any information that is part of your profile on a third party social network (such as Facebook) and that you allow the third party social network to share with us or that you post publicly. Examples may include your basic account information (e.g., name, email address, profile picture, gender, birthday, current city, user ID, list of friends, etc.) and any other additional information or activities that you permit the third party social network to share with application developers or that you post publicly on a YELLOW VEDA HERBALS social networking page. For example, we may receive your social network information (or parts of it) when you download or interact with a YELLOW VEDA HERBALS application on a social networking site (such as Facebook) or use a third party social networking feature that is integrated within a YELLOW VEDA HERBALS site (such as Facebook Connect). To learn more about how your social network information may be obtained by YELLOW VEDA HERBALS (or other application developers), please visit the website of the relevant third party social network.

Other information (depending on context)
This refers to any other information that we might need to collect for a specific YELLOW VEDA HERBALS form, feature, or other service that you use or request. What this information might include will vary depending on the method of collection and the specific purpose(s) for which the information is being collected.

Order fulfillment
We may collect and use your information to process and ship your orders, to inform you about the status of your orders, and to follow up with you about your satisfaction with the ordered products. Depending on how you make a purchase (e.g., online, in-store, call center, etc.), this could involve the collection and use of certain personal contact information, payment information, account login information, and/or information related to your purchase (such as products ordered). This could also involve the ongoing storage of your payment information to allow for easier checkout on future purchases.
Please note that there are many independent e-commerce sites that sell YELLOW VEDA HERBALS products but that are not controlled or operated by YELLOW VEDA HERBALS. Because these sites may have different privacy and security practices than we do, we recommend that you read their privacy policies before making any purchases on those sites.

Account maintenance
We may use your information to maintain your accounts with us, including administering any customer loyalty or rewards programs associated with such accounts. This typically involves the use of the information that was originally collected to set up your account (e.g., personal contact information, payment information, account login information, demographic information, etc.).

Customer service
We may collect and use your information to provide you customer service, including responses to your inquiries. This typically requires the collection and use of certain personal contact information (such as your name, email address) and information regarding the reason for your inquiry (e.g., order status, technical issue, product question, generalquestion, etc.). Customer service may be provided through various forms of communication, such as email correspondence and call center support.

Product improvement and customization
We may collect and use your information so we can constantly improve our products, tailor them to your needs, and come up with new product ideas. This mostly involves the collection and use of demographic information and customer feedback.

Personalized product recommendations
We may use your information to provide you with YELLOW VEDA HERBALS product recommendations, offers, and rewards that are tailored to your interests and profile . This mostly involves the use of your previous order history (including online, boutique, and call center purchases), as well as certain demographic information (such as your favorite look, unique facial attributes, birth date, etc.).

Contests and Promotions
We may collect and use your information to administer a contest, sweepstakes, giveaway, competition, or other similar marketing campaign or promotion. These events typically require the collection and use of personal contact information (for prize fulfillment), limited demographic information (for eligibility), and, in some cases, customer-generated content. Some promotions with customer-generated content or a social networking component will be run on third party social networks such as Facebook (e.g., on YELLOW VEDA HERBALS Facebook fan page or application). To comply with sweepstakes laws, we may publish or share limited information about promotion winners (such as name and city of residence). For more information about our contests and other promotions, please see the official rules or details posted with each promotion.

Marketing Communications
We may collect and use your information to send you marketing communications, such as email communications, mobile messages (including text and/or push notifications), and postal mailings. These communications may inform you about new products, store events, special discounts and coupons, beauty tips, and other news and special offers. On occasion, these communications may also contain information or offers about third party products.
Sending you marketing communications mostly requires the collection and use of certain personal contact information and/or demographic information. In some instances (such as for mobile messages), this may involve the use of technical information or precise geolocation information obtained from your mobile device. This allows us to send you messages directly to your mobile device, including offers and coupons based on your location.
You can always opt-out from receiving marketing communications either by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in each such communications or by updating your device settings for mobile messages or by calling Customer Service. Please note that even if you opt-out from receiving marketing communications, you may still receive other communications from us, such as order confirmations, notifications and other important announcements (e.g., product recalls, privacy policy changes, etc.).

Website personalization and convenience
We may collect and use your information to personalize your experience and save you time when you visit our websites and applications. This is typically done through the use of automated technologies (such as cookies) that collect and remember certain account login information, technical information, and/or previous website usage information. For example, we might remember your login ID or username so you can quickly login the next time you visit our site or so you can easily retrieve the items you previously placed in your shopping cart. Based on this type of information, we might also show you specific YELLOW VEDA HERBALS content or offers that are more relevant to your interests.

Website community features
We may collect and use your information to give you access to our website community features, such as features that may allow you to upload and share ratings, reviews, questions/answers, stories, pictures, videos, or other content. This typically involves the collection, use, and (in some instances) public display of certain personal contact information, account login information, demographic information, and/or customergenerated content. Because these types of features are “communal” in nature, information you post in these areas may be visible to others. Please use caution when using these features ouploading content to a YELLOW VEDA HERBALS site or application.

Third party social networking
We may collect and use your information when you interact with third party social networking features, such as Facebook Connect, Facebook Like, Pinterest, and Instagram. These tools may be embedded into our sites or applications for the purpose of running contests, allowing you to share content (such as beauty tips, articles, stories, etc.), allowing you to sign up for certain YELLOW VEDA HERBALS accounts, or for other stated purposes. If you use these tools, we may have the ability to obtain certain information about you from your social networking profile. You can learn more about how these features work, and the profile data we may obtain about you, by visiting the website of the relevant third party social network.

Third party online advertising
We may allow third party ad networks, such as Facebook and Google, to collect and use your information to show you ads that are targeted to reach people (or people similar to people) who have visited our website or are identified in one or more of our databases (“Matched Ads”), including YELLOW VEDA HERBALS’ ads on our sites or on other sites. This is done by YELLOW VEDA HERBALS uploading a customer list to the third party ad network or incorporating a pixel from the third party ad network on our website, and the third party ad network matching common factors between our data and their data. Some of these ads may entice you to come back and revisit our site for new offers and promotions. This type of advertising typically involves an ad network collecting and tracking certain technical information (such as your IP address) and website usage information (such as your browsing history) on our sites and across many other sites on the Internet. If we use Facebook Custom Audiences to serve Matched Ads on Facebook services, you should be able to hover over the box in the right corner of such Facebook ads and find out how to opt-out. We are not responsible for such third party ad network’s failure to comply with your opt-out instructions.

Other general purposes (e.g., website security, internal research)
We may collect and use your information for other general business purposes, such as to maintain the day-to-day operation and security of our websites and applications and to conduct internal marketing and demographic studies. These activities mostly require the collection and use of certain personal information, demographic information, technical computer information, website usage information, and customer feedback.

Do we use cookies to gather information
We use cookies on some of our websites. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we put on your device when you visit our website and which allows us to recognize your computer when you come back to our site at a later time. Cookies allow us to enhance your website experience in several ways. For example, we use cookies to remember the items that you place in your shopping cart and to assess how visitors are using our site. We may also use cookies to personalize certain website features and to show you content and ads more relevant to your interests. By accessing and using our website(s), you consent to our use of cookies.

With whom do we share your information?
We may share your information with the types of companies or in the situations described below. We do not rent or sell your information to third party companies for their own marketing use.

Third party vendors
These are outside vendors, agencies, or contractors we hire to help us run our business (e.g., fulfill orders, operate our websites, run promotions and marketing campaigns, operate our call center, etc.). The information shared with our vendors could include personal contact information, payment information, demographic information, or other types of information depending on the service being provided by the vendor. For some vendors, we may need to transfer your information to locations outside your home country, such as to the United States. Our vendors are only allowed to use your information for the specific tasks we’ve hired them to do, and for no other purpose. They’re also required to keep your information confidential and secure.

Legal disclosures (when necessary)
This is when we may need to share your information for law enforcement or other legal purposes. This type of sharing may be necessary in connection with a lawsuit, claim or investigation, governmental inquiry, court order, enforcement of legal rights (e.g., contract terms, intellectual property rights, etc.), safety issue, or other similar legal or security matter. Sharing your information for these reasons is not a regular event, but could arise from time to time. We will strive to limit the types and amount of information we may need to share for legal purposes to that which is reasonably necessary

How do we protect your information
We use a variety of standard methods to keep customer information confidential and secure. Please note, however, that these protections do not apply to any information you choose to share in public areas such as our website community features or other social areas.

Secure operating environments
We store your information in secure operating environments that are protected from the public and that we only allow authorized YELLOW VEDA HERBALS employees and agents/contractors to access on a need-to-know basis.

Other security measures
In addition to the methods above, we may take other measures to protect your information, depending on the sensitivity of the data and other considerations (such as how the information is collected and where it is stored). These measures may include (among other things) additional access restrictions, password requirements, and physical protections (e.g., secure data centers, etc.).

Measures you can take
Despite all of our efforts, no security safeguards or standards are guaranteed to provide 100% security. It is also important for you to play a role in keeping your information safe and secure. When signing up for an online account, please be sure to choose an account password that is hard for others to guess and never to reveal it to anyone else.

We do not collect information from children
We do not solicit or collect any type of information from a person known to be under the age of 13. If we discover that we have accidentally collected information from a child, we will remove that information from our records as soon as feasibly possible (or obtain the necessary parental permission to retain it).

We are not responsible for third party sites/features
Our websites and applications may provide links to, or features from, other third party sites (such as third party social networks) that we do not own or control. If you click on such links or use such features, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for the content or practices of any third party site, application, or feature.

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