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“Beat the summer like never before” Exclusive skin care tips from the expert…

Beautiful skin is what women desire to have, but in Indian climate, if you are reluctant about it especially during summer, you may face difficulties. The sultry weather with excess heat damages the skin very easily and will leave you in dismay.

But no doubt you have a few promising ways to restore your beautiful skin even in summer. No need to visit a doctor or an expert to take advice, but do it by yourself at home with skincare products ayurvedic.

Here we present to you some ayurvedic tips that will keep you relax during the dog days of summer.

Good food- good life

The first thing is to maintain a proper and healthy diet. Try to control your constant cravings of oily food at least during the summer time. Let’s see a list of what one must intake as the mercury rises.
• To start with some fresh green vegetables like celery asparagus, cauliflower cucumber squashes, and with that have curd in the afternoon.
• Eat a little rice like basmati and oats if you like it.
• When it comes to fruits, you must have grapes, berries, watermelons etc.

Color Therapy- A new found way

Often colours work like magic to keep you content during summer. Try to associate with cooling shades like white, blue etc. There is another way to rejuvenate your skin and health during summer, by being in touch with nature directly.

Rejuvenating baths- A cure for sure

A nice bath is a perfect way to heal the body in summer. You can add few drops of rose oil or sandalwood oil for skin moisturization. Also, don’t forget to massage your body with olive or sunflower oil after taking a bath.

Skin nourishment- taking xtraa care of skin

It is important to nourish your skin if not regularly, but frequently during summer time. Try to get hold of skincare products ayurvedic those which contain a mix of sandalwood, turmeric Aloe Vera etc. These ingredients are safe, and gentle to apply on skin.

Experience a new lifestyle- 

Remember changing your lifestyle can affect your skin nourishment in a big way. During summer experience a lifestyle which you seldom lead like

 Wake up early from sleep and enjoy a refreshing morning
 Do your morning yoga every day to keep the body and mind in sync.
 Get in touch with nature like swimming, visit to a country side etc.

As summer is approaching, make sure you take good care of your skin. Don’t waste money on unnecessary chemical based products, but try to follow the natural remedies to keep skin smooth and soft as ever.

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