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Make your hair monsoon ready with the best tips from the experts.

As Monsoon is already at home in different parts of India, it’s time to take some extra care of your hair. For people, hair fall scalp problems and hair damage is a cause of distress because of the excess humidity in the climate.

It often gets observed that the growth of bacteria inside the hair leads to itchiness, excess oil and finally breaks hair growth.  Although monsoon brings some relief after a hot summer, proper hair care is essential even in the rains.

Now, people are quite content, with the use of different herbal hair products, but in this blog, we will guide you by placing down some of the most effective hair solutions that will make your hair monsoon ready.

Make Lemon therapy a part of your practice-

Many are not aware of the fact that lemon therapy can be an essential way to nurture your hair, and protect it during monsoon. Primarily it stops hair fall by tightening the pores in the scalp. One might think that such techniques are time-consuming, but it is quite easy and takes a few minutes to get completed.  At first squeeze out lemon drops in a cup of warm water, mix it well for some time, and finally put it on your hair after taking a bath.  Keep the mixture for around 20 to 25 minutes, and finally, wash it off with cold water. In this way, the scalp gets cleaned, and the pores get tightened.

Take care of the nutrition level in hair-

Just like our body, the hair also needs nutrition to remain stable during monsoon.  Healthy hair has fewer chances of damage and bacterial infection. According to hair experts, the combination of honey and milk is the best solution in this case, as honey stimulates growth and milk nourishes the scalp and softens the hair.

At any time of the day, take some small quality of milk and pour a few drops of honey on it. Now, gently apply it on your hair for around thirty minutes and finally wash it off with shampoo.

Plan a strict diet-

One may say that controlling the diet is not so important, but trust us; it does affect your hair quality. During monsoon, be sure to implement a diet that directly affects the health of your hair.

Be it lunch or dinner or any time of the day try to consume foods which are rich in iron, protein and fatty acid. It is not that you can’t savor anything else, but it is recommended to follow this for hair care, and you can also use some of the best herbal hair products available in the market.

You can opt for short hair-

Often you wish to cut your hair short, but with problems and objections from people, you don’t get to do it. But the monsoon may be the right time for you to experiment with this idea. It is a fact that hair experts suggest having short hair during this season s it is easy to manage and are less prone to any kinds of problems. With short hair, one does not need extra maintenance, but can only use a few herbal hair products to take the rightest measures.

Finally, we are signing off, but remember the above ways are the most particular ones that get followed now.  At Yellow Veda herbals you will have every kind of solution for your hair during monsoon.

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