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YELLOW VEDA HERBALS – Premium Care Personal Touch
YELLOW VEDA HERBALS was started in the year 2013 in India with the aim of restoration of health through Ayurveda and herbal culture.

Our Handmade Beauty care Products are categorized under PITTARA –The Premium Face Care Range, TEJAS – Providing the Natural Glow You Deserve, KESHAVINYAS – A Special Care for a Beautiful Hair & PINK SPA – De stress and Revive. We have our roots in Ayurveda and herbal culture- the system of natural healing that has its origins in Vedic culture of India.
According to Ayurveda, each colour has its own significance in maintaining proper body-mind-soul balance. In the name YELLOW VEDA HERBALS, Yellow is known to replenish, revive & regeneration. It denotes happiness and cheerfulness for an individual. Our Products arouses the dead cells and activates them, providing long lasting benefits and quick recovery with our core belief in “Healing through Vedic terms of herbals”, we follow the Vedic terms in all our formulations, which are derived from a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India. All our products are hand crafted. All we use to create these products is ancient Indian wisdom and the natural herbs and plant extracts.

Our Vision:The vision behind YELLOW VEDA HERBALS is to create a brand that delivers a natural and pleasant earthy experience which is safe for the skin, the environment and driven by the commitment to bring out results for common skin concerns

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Our Mission:

  • Bring back our ancestral tradition and culture
  • Create awareness of natural beauty care among people in our society.
  • To give purely safe and best herbal products
  • To provide personalized and premium beauty care
  • Reasonable price luxurious care

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Mrs. Charu Sahu
Founder & CEO

A MBA Graduate with Dual Specialization In Marketing & Varied Interest In Arts, Handicrafts & Having at most curiosity in Herbal and Organic studies, Mrs. Charu Sahu realizing the importance of Herbalism in Beauty Care Regime and with her avid knowledge of ancient Herbals and their goodness formulated a wide range of beauty care products. With an urge to revive the ancient herbals and Ayurvedic practices and to minimize the gap between user friendly herbal products and the consumers, she founded YELLOW VEDA HERBALS in the year 2013.

In the beginning She began manufacturing the products at home with little consumer basis, but the popularity of her products began to grow very soon with people using it and feeling immensely satisfied. The word of mouth about our products speciality began spreading and one of her friends suggested “why not try it big?” This made her to expand her products ranges and her business.

“My belief and conviction are that, the nature has a lot of healthy and beneficial ingredients that ayurvedic science has formulated centuries ago. I started my quest to come up with the products which are based on ancient recipes and fostered a wide range of facial care, hair and body care products using natural ingredients with approved ayurvedic formulations”, She reminds about her spark to move on.

Our Products Range are mainly classified under Three Categories, Pittara, Tejas, Keshavinyas and Pink Spa dealing with handmade herbal products for face, hair, skin & body care. With the aim of restoration of health and beauty through Ayurveda and herbal, Our Company Follows the principle of Harmony, Purity, & Simplicity in our services.

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